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How To Attract More Attendees With What You Already Have

November 3, 2015

Your attendees, speakers, and sponsors can be some of your biggest assets leading up to your event.

If utilized properly they can help pull in huge numbers, boost credibility, and generate inbound leads that would be a major shot in the arm for your sales team and attendee profile.


Getting the very best attendees for your event is downright tough.  You likely ask yourself all the time – how can I attract more attendees!

Budgets are limited, time is short, and you have sponsors asking to see the attendee list months before the event.

It makes the actual running of …

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Research How-To-Get-The-Right-People-To-Learn-About-Your-Event

How To Get The Right People To Learn About Your Event

November 2, 2015

There is no doubt about it – working in the event space is tough.

As an event planner you sit at the intersection of promising your sponsors a certain attendee profile, and on the flip side, you try your best to attract the right people to your event.

However, there is work that you can do prior to your event that will make your life a whole lot easier on attracting the ideal attendee – no matter the type of event.

In order to attract qualified inbound leads – it all starts with these two words: keyword research.

Doing the …

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How An Event Blog Can Seriously Boost Your Attendance

October 26, 2015

When people, especially in the B2B space, hear the word blog, they immediately think its a dirty word.

However, with so many people over looking its effectiveness, there is often times great opportunities for event managers to bring in a tremendous amount of new attendees and sponsorships.

No, really!

If its your first foray into SEO, or perhaps that you are just getting comfortable with the SEO world in general, blogs are a great way to get your event in front of the right set of eyes.

The goal of a blog should give you the opportunity to show up in …

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Blog Event Infographics

How Infographics Can Help Your Event Marketing Efforts

August 3, 2015

Infographics have been around for a few years now.

However the benefits of them are grossly under estimated.

Here’s why:

Take for instance when you set up a new event website.  You have on average about 9 months to market your event before it starts.

What is the absolute fastest way you can leap frog over the competition and accelerate right to the top of organic search rankings?


So when it comes to SEO and Google, its important to know that backlinks are extraordinary important.  In fact their are entire sites dedicated to creative ways to obtain backlinks.

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Event Marketing Conference Badges

6 Inspiring Conference Badges to Consider for Your Event

January 13, 2015

Ah you have an upcoming conference to plan for and the absolute last thing on your mind is to talk with your designer about how your conference badges are going to look this year.

Of course you could set up one up where its on plain white card stock.

But you’re better than that, and your event is better than that – most of all your paying attendees and sponsors definitely don’t deserve something like that!

You want to create a conference badge where your conference goer will head back to their office and proudly show …

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Event Marketing 12 Awesome Event Web Design Inspirations for 2015

12 Awesome Event Website Inspirations for 2015

January 9, 2015

You dusted off the remains of 2014 and now look at 2015 as the year that you will bring your event website to the next level.

More importantly, many of your attendees or prospective sponsors will first hear about you by visiting your site.

Making sure you have a stand out site is critical to your success as an event professional and to the success of the event.

When reviewing modern event sites (listed below) and planning your next event website, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Responsive Design

We could spend several more posts just to …

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Conference 4 tips to a successful conference

4 Tips for a Successful Conference

January 8, 2015

No matter the size of the conference, you always want to do your best and look professional.

Be it a business conference or a small hangout with folks you want to be successful.

Throughout the years I have found these few things to be true time and time again:

Internet Connection is your Attendees Lifeline.  While of course we want all attendees to be highly engaged in the conference itself, attendees always have several other things going on outside of the event.

While sometimes the venue wants to charge an obscene amount for internet service, your attendees will always demand …

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